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March 29, 2007

Competition time (1)

This site has now moved to Salut!

Can it really be so?

From the long, dark nights of fevered imagination to the contented glow of a man who has got something right.

Today, tomorrow or very soon, Salut! will reach a significant milestone: 50,000 hits.

Having just attended a seminar at the London School of Economics on how journalists can make the web pay - in short they probably can't was the message I sort of received - I know all about page impressions and uniques.

But while I readily confess to not knowing how many individuals have visited this site since its creation last October, I can also tell you that we have already passed the 50,000 mark for visits (even if that is two people making 25,000 each).

Hundreds if not thousands of people had already been here before I set up the counter that you see somewhere down the right hand column.

It often strikes me as a little hard to accept that Salut! has not attained any ranking in the only blogger chart I have come across, the Technoranki one.

I swear I even saw a couple of oddball sex sites creep in towards the bottom of that hit parade for a week or two. But no sign of Salut!, and no way of knowing - since Technoranki jealously guards the secrets of its trade - what I need to do to make my breakthrough.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that I have been given massive public support in the small, income-free corner of the web that is this site.

My hope is that it will get better still, though that is likely to necessitate a move to new accommodation quite soon, and that more people will be attracted.

But as a mark of my appreciation of your support - whether as readers or readers leaving comments - I offer a small commemorative prize.

To qualify, all you need to do is trawl through my blogging history - here and/or at the Telegraph - and tell me the name of my ungovernable (thanks, John M) French cat BY E-MAIL PLEASE TO


The prize - perhaps even prizes....let us see - will relate to my interests, well documented here, in food and/or France. Arbitrary rules will apply*.

* The closing date is 1800hrs French time on Wed April 3. Winner or winners will be drawn from the correct replies received by then........

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This site has now moved to Salut!


At March 29, 2007 6:27 AM, Blogger Louise said...

Copycat! First Richard and now you, Colin! Obviously you didn't understand too much of what was being said at the conference - if we had to pay to trawl through your blog looking for the name of your cat, that is intelligent - but obviously you just want to improve your hit-list numbers! Now if you were paid a quid for every hit....

At March 29, 2007 7:11 AM, Blogger richard of orleans said...

Congratulations on the forthcoming milestone. It will be interesting to see what ideas you bring back from the LSE.

My tuppence worth is that the most revolutionary part of blogging is the exposure of personnalities to the common bloggers. a la CIF. Ministers and others will have to set up a blog and take comments when they announce a decision or get things wrong.

Set yourself up as a consultant for this type of activity.

At March 29, 2007 11:03 AM, Blogger anonyhamster said...

Does the competition exclude family and friends of the organizer from competing ?

Can "correspondence be entered into" ?

Does the prize have a cash equivalent ?

Will the result be announced in the Competitor's Journal ?

How do we now it's not going to be a FIX ????

My rodent's nose smells a rat.

Like, what's stopping you from saying you've just changed your cat's name by deed poll ?

At March 29, 2007 2:21 PM, Blogger Colin Randall said...

I knew nothing of Richard's initiative until after seeing your message, Louise, and going in search of his new site......my arbitrary rules include banning anyone who has what I consider an unfair advantage.

At March 29, 2007 3:06 PM, Blogger Bill Taylor said...

That, I take it, would include me (I've met Colin's cat).
Most people can't make freelance journalism pay. If anyone can turn an honest euro from blogging, my money's on you.

At March 29, 2007 5:49 PM, Blogger Gigi said...

I know the answer but I'm too embarrassed to admit trawling through Colin's posts to find it so soon after having trawled through the Internet to find the answer to Louise's competition...I'm not that sad in real life, honestly - it's just that I've been really bored lately. Still - I started a new job today so I won't have time whittle away the hours in such a fashion in future.

I might enter if the prize is a quart of red...or even a gallon :-)

At March 29, 2007 6:04 PM, Blogger richard of orleans said...

Gigi, actually it's very easy to get. I suspect everybody has it already. I suggest a tie breaker. Guess the name of my cat AND it's nickname.

At March 29, 2007 6:27 PM, Blogger Louise said...

Go for it Gigi - you never know you might get a year's free subscription to le Lavandou Telegraph and a bottle of rosé de Provence...cringe, cringe!

I admit to declaring forfeit - I'm too lazy to search, although I seem to remember that the cat's name was mentioned when you moved.

And I hate rosé and Indian food!

At March 30, 2007 8:32 PM, Blogger Colin Randall said...

anonyhamster says he or she took Salut! past 50,000 so has until the closing date and time to send me a copy of the milestone if it was saved.......

At March 31, 2007 2:44 PM, Blogger Robert Marchenoir said...

"A seminar at the London School of Economics on how journalists can make the web pay - in short they probably can't." (Colin Randall)

The obvious answer on how journalists can make the web pay being thus: organise a seminar at the London School of Economics on how journalists can make the web pay, and make them pay for the privilege to attend.

At March 31, 2007 3:23 PM, Blogger Louise said...

I've just found the name of your cat, Colin - is there a prize for last in the competition!

At April 01, 2007 5:30 PM, Blogger Bill Taylor said...

I doubt if you'll hear from Anonyhamster, Colin. Anonyhamster, who is an ambitious little rodent, is feeling somewhat vulnerable right now.


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