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Colin Randall wrote here on France, things Anglo-French and more......but has moved

October 01, 2006


This site has now moved to Salut!

This is a test. Only a test. And an idea filched from Petite Anglaise

This site has now moved to Salut!


At October 02, 2006 3:22 PM, Blogger Colin Randall said...

But I may as well see if it works.......

At October 03, 2006 7:33 PM, Blogger Bill Taylor said...

Of course it works. Why wouldn't it? French computer technology is second to none.

At October 04, 2006 12:04 AM, Blogger Colin Berry said...

Obviously we are not privy to the facts, Mr.Randall, and for my part I have no wish to pry in to the details of your private life. But it's interesting to contrast your treatment to that which I received some 16 years ago when deemed surplus to requirements at a struggling and financially-strapped research organization. My severance package was negotiated through the independent Arbitration and Conciliation panel, and I was then packed off to a Central London outplacement agency to brush up on job-seeking skills etc. Four months later I was installed in a new career (secondary school teaching) that re-energised me, and kept the wolf from the door until retiring in 2002.

I can't believe how a big employer like the Telegraph could have handled things in so ham-fisted a fashion, especially given your high public profile. I think you've been very generous in your comments re your erstwhile employer, amazingly so given the shabby perfunctory treatment that you, Alec Russell and others have received.

I'll be following the development of this blog with interest, but have resolved to avoid getting into further unseemly scraps with that folk-singer pal of yours, Number 2 in this thread(appropriately enough).

At October 04, 2006 12:52 PM, Blogger Telex Man said...

Colin will thankfully thrive here with his blog and his community. Many of those who remain in situ at the DT are sadder at his (and others) demise. My involvement with Colin has been long and fruitful and the quality of the paper will suffer. Colin is a little coy about the background of the cull, but if you are interested, sign up to The Guardian website site and look in the media section and also the Monkey subsection. All newspaper life is there.
Bon chance, mon ami (that's my German used up).

At October 19, 2006 5:36 PM, Blogger Richard of Brittany said...

Many thanks for your note of reply, Colin. Long may your New Blog 'Salut!' live. Our gain, the D.T's loss.

At December 07, 2006 9:01 AM, Blogger Colin Randall said...

Testing beta blogger


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